Electric Heat Pipes
Electric Heat Pipes

Electric heat pipe: "How to ensure the quality of electroplating?"

  • The following manufacturers of electric heat pipe talk about a simple understanding of the quality assurance of electroplating

  • 1. The unification of plating technology reliability and process integrity is the key to improve plating quality. Advanced equipment is not enough for electroplating production. To improve the quality of electroplating, reliability of electroplating technology and process integrity, it is necessary to match with advanced equipment to ensure the quality. At present, most plating manufacturers can basically do this. All have their own unique plating process.

  • 2. Circulating stirring technology of electroplating solution is an important link to stabilize and promote the quality of electroplating.

  • Filtration of plating solution is a potential factor to improve the quality of plating, which can not be ignored. Most of the town enterprises have filtration equipment, which adopts circular filtration and periodic large-scale treatment and filtration. But there are also some enterprises that still adopt local methods. First, the clear liquid is pumped out, and the remaining impurities and part of the plating solution are poured out. One is to waste, the other is to bring part of the impurities into the plating solution. The resistor wire materials commonly used in electric heat pipes are Fe- Cr-Al and Cr20Ni80 resistor wires. KAWAI chooses iron- chromium wire of 0Cr25Al5 brand, which has higher melting point and better service life than ordinary iron-chromium wire. The main difference between the two kinds of resistance wires is that the melting point of 0Cr25Al5 is higher than that of Cr20Ni80, but at higher temperatures, 0Cr25Al5 is easier to oxidize, while Cr20Ni80 can maintain stable properties at high temperatures. Therefore, Cr20Ni80 is generally used as resistance wire in high temperature.

  • The selection principle of electric heat pipe is temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. For cryogenic pipes, BUNDY, aluminium and copper pipes are generally used, while stainless steel pipes and Ingley pipes are generally used for high temperature pipes. Ingley 800 electric heat pipe can be used under the condition of poor water quality. Ingley 840 electric heat pipe can have good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance at high temperature.

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