Silicone Rubber Heater

Silicone Rubber Heater

Product Details


  • Silicone rubber heater is made of silicone rubber and glass fiber cloth are compounded sheet, Silicone rubber heater has good flexibility, can be associated with an object to be heated is close contact; the heating elements of nickel alloy foil processing form, more uniform heating. In this way, we can let the heat transfer to any desired place.

Product Feature

  • 1.Maximum Operating Temperatures: 250 °C
  • 2.Power deviation: 8%
  • 3.insulating resistance: ≥ 5 MΩ
  • 4.Compressive strength: 1500V/5
  • 5. Fast heat diffusion, Uniform heat transfer, Directly heat objects on;high thermal efficiency, high strength, long service life,work safe uneasy for ageing.
  • Glass syringe warming heating pad 10X10cm 120v 80w;10x14cm 120v 100w


  • 1.Silicone rubber band heater can be used in damp, no explosive gas atmosphere, industrial equipment pipelines, heat preservation for can and barrel.

  • 2. Silicone rubber heater can be used as a frozen prevention, air conditioner compressor, assisting heating of electrical equipment3 medical devices ( such as blood analyzers, test tube heater, medical care, body slimming belt corset compensation such as heat ).

  • 3. Silicone rubber heater can be used as medical equipment and medical care (such as blood tube heater, blood analyzer, heat supplementary for corset and waistband.

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