Electric Heating Pipe
Electric Heating Pipe

Electric heating pipe: "The method of prolonging the service life of electric heating pipe"!

  • The service life of electric heat pipe has always been one of the most concerned questions for customers. Usually, the life of the electric heat pipe is also a reflection of the quality of the heating pipe. According to the national standard, it can be replaced in six months. That is to say, six months is the most stable life cycle. The electric heat pipe only needs to be used properly, and its life can be more than one year or even longer. But if used improperly, it will also shorten the service life of the electric heat pipe.

  • How to extend the service life of the electric heat pipe? My colleagues in the production department of the company have put forward several proposals.

I hope to help us:

  • 1. Electric heat pipes should be stored in dry warehouses. If they are stored for a long time and their appearance is damp, the insulation resistance of the electric heat pipes should be measured by megaohmmeter. If less than 1 mega-ohm/500 volts, the electric heat pipe should be placed in a 200 degree drying box for drying.

  • 2. If the electric heat pipe is used for a long time, the scale and grease scale with thicker outer collection should be removed regularly, otherwise the heat transfer function of the electric heat pipe will be reduced and the external heat load of the tube will be damaged beyond the additional consent.

  • 3. Special attention should be paid to the heating medium when choosing the electric heat pipe. It should not erode the data of electric heating tube and shell.

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